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Texting in the Workplace and its pros and cons


Texting in the Workplace and it’s pros and consAllowing employees to send and receive text messages in the workplace is a practice that is becoming more common. This practice has its advantages and its disadvantages. Before you make the decision to allow your employees to use text messaging as a form of business communication, you should take a moment to consider what it could entail.


Sending a Text For Business purposes is convenient and easy to do. Instead of having to pull up a contacts number, go to a phone, and dial the number, employees can simply use text messaging. It also allows employees to work on the go. If an employee has to run around the office and will be away from his desk phone and email, they can send a text message. Text messages are also advantageous, because they can be sent and received silently. No longer do your workers have to be distracted by…

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