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Three Signs You’re Undercharging for Your Services

Sutton Creative Studios

Rusty Pennies by puuikibeachAs a new business owner, it is very easy to undervalue yourself and the services you offer. Whether due to lack of market research or in effort to build a client base, you may bid extremely low on projects and find yourself working for close to nothing. The good news is, your fees are not set in stone, and you are able to adjust your pricing from one client to the next.

Following are three signs you’re undercharging for your services:

  • Your (potential) client asks, “Why are you charging so little?” Yes, this is an obvious indicator, however it happened to us. Because we initially started our business to earn a little bit of extra income, we did not charge full asking value. We went in low with our proposals and captured a lot of attention.
  • You’re treated as an employee rather than an expert. You started your business because…

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